You as an Exporter/Importer

We at LITL understand your efforts and how vital is to get the product deliver to your customers as per the required quality and packaging standard. In trade across the border, it’s generally observed that the products delivered are labeled as non conformance due to manufacturing error or merely due to error in handling or during shipment and transits.

So in order to improve performance and reduce risk in the overseas consignments we offer ‘LOOK’ inspected service, firewall inspection, pre-shipment inspections on quality and quanity, quarantine or manage any re work if necessary directly at the OEMs’  site or at our end. Further, we also assist our overseas clients in the regulatory compliances followed here in United Kingdom. LITL has extensive network of qualified and experienced quality control engineers who are selected for individual assignments and offered to our clients for approval only after considering their qualifications and experience relative to the product to be inspected.  Our quality management teams based in various locations in Europe are well equipped and qualified to deliver right information when you need the most.   

 Clients’ Benefits:


Rely on professional partner delivering your project on time and in quality as we at LITL understand what matters you the most.